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Mobile communications have developed rapidly with the maturity of the smartphone processor, and moveable communication devices are now a "front of mind and palm of hand" concern for most people. The power of useable information and actionable process is now a developed reality which has an undeniable inherent benefit for businesses that are looking for more ways to engage with a selected target market in a cost effective and beneficial manner.

The mobile Internet is steadily becoming more attractive to companies. Mobile content and mobile shops are usually implemented using one of two approaches: Either as a mobile website or mobile app.

Companies can reach their target audiences virtually at any time and location via mobile website or -app. The reason: More and more users access the Internet to search for information or transact business on a mobile commerce portal using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs.

Mobile Website
Global companies and corporations use both variations as central elements of their marketing strategy in order to increase customer loyalty and generate revenues. Below, both alternatives are compared and contrasted.

Based on your corporate website your mobile website provides customers user-friendly, mobile access to your online platform. Mobile portals can be accessed from any mobile browser using platform-independent programming languages and don’t need to be installed beforehand – unlike Mobile Apps. Platform-independence helps you achieve greater reach than would be possible with native apps. At the same time you can benefit from reduced development costs due to the various synergies you can utilize. Using the relevant Content Management System and responsive design, you can rapidly optimize your website for mobile devices – including search engine optimization for searching on-the-go. Using mobile portals and web shops, you can reach you customers anywhere and address them individually with pinpoint offers.

Both options, mobile website and mobile app, have strengths and weaknesses – depending on purpose. AOE can advise you and develop a solution for your individual business requirements and strategic goals. Our solutions are ideally suited to meet the demands of your mobile customers and employees. A combination of both options might be the best approach, depending on your type of business, individual requirements and target audience.